Question: Why are humanists so intolerant and so easily offended?

Why do humanists appear to be so intolerant and so easily offended? With recent opposition to the short and very beautiful film about " prayer" before the start of the new Star Wars film did it not occur that there might be some out there who would have found this 60 [second] clip comforting and helpful? Is it really too much to ask that humanists sit through all of 60 seconds of something that few, if any, could find offensive?
Not being aware of this, I looked it up. It was the state-sponsored Church of England trying to impose a prayer on the millions in England who attended that movie. Imagine going to a movie and having the entirely innocuous statement "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy the movie." flashed before you for just ten seconds. Few, if any would find that offensive, right? And for people worried about whether they would spend an eternity being burned in Hell it could be very comforting indeed. Maybe we could devote a minute before movies for every religion or philosophy that wants to show something "comforting". See where that leads?

Look at the commands of Christ and let me know why I should not wish my children to be taught these in school. If they were the world and this country would be a much better place than they are. Listening to a report today about child depression, rates of divorce, suicides, crime, bullying, etc. I am filled with despair. Is all this increasing misery due to the decline of religion? One may well think so.
The central idea of Christianity, the one without which Christianity becomes a fable, is that
a) After we die we come back to live forever, And
b) We are so incredibly evil that we deserve to spend forever burning in incredible pain And
c) Maybe we can avoid all that pain if we believe just the right things.

You will quibble about technicalities depending on which branch of Christianity you belong to, and happily some branches downplay this as much as they can, but it is fundamental to Christianity.

I would not want my child taught she is evil. To think your life is so vile that you deserve to suffer forever would be an awful thing, whether or not you also thought you would be "saved" from that. And what an awful thing to think it of yourself as a child! So, no I do not want Christianity taught to children in public schools. But relax, I don't want any religion taught in public schools, nor even "There's probably no God. Now get about your lives."