Question: Would the world not be in a better state if everyone had and continued to follow the example of Jesus?

Jesus' #1 command is to "love God." The problem with this is that many people interpret this command in ways that lead to increased crime (blowing up abortion clinics), violence (beating up gays), wars (ISIS), hatred ("you must hate your family if you want to follow me" - Jesus), etc. We need to teach people (children included) morality independent of authority, so "commands" can be evaluated based on a practical application where consequences of behaviors are considered.

Let's not forget...

Jesus declared “I have come to cast fire upon the earth” (Luke 12:49) and promised the death and suffering, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the burning of flesh for anyone who was against him (Matt. 12:30, Matt. 13:4-42, 50, Luke 11:23).

Again, we need to teach critical thinking skills and the difference between morality and obedience, so people can heed the good advice of Jesus and other religious figures, philosophers, poets, authors, etc. and leave the rest when the teachings lead to evil. The reverence should be in the idea itself; not the person who promoted it.